PayNPlay Casinos have arrived!

paynplay casino methodThere may just be a brand new way of playing at online casinos.. This has come to light after payment provider Trustly launched Pay N Play, a new payment option available to casinos and it looks as though it will be helpful to both players and casinos. These casinos are known as PaynPlay casinos.

Traditionally when us players go to join a casino we head over to the sign up / register button and then fill out the series of entry boxes. We then wait for the confirmation email or text, then we add payment details, deposit and then get playing! But this may all be a thing of the past if you play at a PayNPlay casino.

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps;

  1. Register at a paynplay casino by making a deposit. Yes, a deposit only.
  2. Your account is populated in the background as Trustly passes the required data to the paynplay casino.
  3. Withdraw your money instantly whenever you want.

This sign up process is certainly great for mobile casino play as there is nothing worse than filling out a few pages of details and adding your card numbers in on your phone. I mean, it’s ok when you are joining one casino at a time but if you like to test your luck at a few in quick succession, PaynPlay casinos are going to be a fantastic new option.

Two options of PayNPlay available for Casinos

Online casinos will be able to choose from two integrations of this payment method. One is whole shebang and the other is known as a hybrid and is basically a mix of new and old.

Pure PayNPlay – This is as described above. All you do is deposit and withdraw and your account is handled behind the scenes by Trustly and the PaynPlay casino.

Hybrid PayNPlay – With the hybrid option you would still sign up as normal and have an account with the casino. However, you wouldn’t be able to leave and come back and play without having to login. You also have to withdraw by launching Trustly within your account. So basically, it’s just as normal as far as I’m concerned.

Pay n Play

Who are Trustly?

Simply put, Trustly is an online wallet. You hold an online account with them and hold money there. You can then pay in to online casinos via the wallet instead of spending directly from your bank account. In online gambling these online payment are very popular as it doesn’t show in your bank account all the deposits and withdrawals you are making to individual casinos.

Trustly are most popular in Scandinavia but have presence in many countries. They do offer their services in the UK so this option is available to you if your living in the UK.

My Thoughts

Not a lot has changed in the online casino world to be honest and this did catch my attention, so that’s a great start. I’m not sure at this point however if players will feel its a gamechanger, I think it’s more of a ‘nice to have’ feature. I know us casino players like to play but do we really need to hop from casino to casino in one session? I don’t think we do but this option has never been available before so perhaps it starts a new trend.

I am a big fan of online wallets though and would recommend these to players. I use Neteller mostly and sometimes Skrill. Banks, especially in the UK are really looking into gambling activity now so it’s safe for lending that you use an online payment method as opposed to depositing with your bank card.

Trustly is a decent option also and pride themselves on servicing the online gambling industry. I have met members of the company many times over the years at various events so can safely say they are legit!

Let’s see how many PayNPlay casinos pop up over the next 6 months. There is around 10 live already but I will keep you updated as this develops. Check back and look out for a list of PayNPlay casinos on Mcasino soon!